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You’re a smart guy, doing your best to get the most out of life.

But what if you could get even more? More cash every month, that is. Being a sperm donor with Xytex is an easy, anonymous way to make some serious money – up to $1,800 a month and even more when you refer others, so you can say goodbye to ramen and hello to steak.

Less ramen. More steak.

The Perks

Earn up to $1,800 a month

Extra cash bonuses for referrals

Free STD and genetic testing

Help people realize their dreams of starting a family


18-38 years old

Good medical history

Hold a university degree, currently enrolled in a university or a working professional

Live nearby one of the Georgia or New Jersey donation sites

They’re making bank.
So can you.

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Are you currently enrolled in a college or technical school, hold a degree or work as a professional?

Do you have access to the medical history of your biological family members including parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and your own children if applicable?

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What is the screening process?

Each candidate completes an online Medical History Questionnaire. Once approved by our Medical Director, the candidate provides a semen sample for analysis. If the sperm count and motility are acceptable, an interview with a Donor Coordinator follows, and physical exam and lab testing are performed. Once a candidate has completed and passed all screening and testing, he becomes a Xytex donor!

What do you look for during the sperm analysis?

We only accept semen with above average sperm count and motility. If you’re not accepted into our program, it does not necessarily mean your sperm count is too low to conceive children. Motility rates can fluctuate based on many factors, such as extreme temperatures or sexual activity.

How often can I donate?

Once you become a donor, you are encouraged to donate at least once a week. However, many donors donate up to three times a week. We require you commit to a year of regular donation so we can obtain an adequate supply.

How much will I make?

The best part about being a Xytex sperm donor—aside from helping families—is the compensation. Once accepted, donors can earn up to $1,800 per month and even more with referrals.

Can I be held financially responsible for children conceived with my sperm?

Our donor and patient agreement protects you from having any legal or financial obligations to children conceived with your sperm.

Xytex Cryo Bank is one of the nation’s leading sperm banks with our 40 years of trusted experience. Our donors are an elite group of men who make up to $1,800 a month.

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